01: Getting it all together

Moving preparations and planning are essential. And a full overview of inventory.

Although the art will be the last to enter the new museum before the opening, the preparations and packing of MUNCH’s more than 42 000 museum objects have already been going on for several years. Over 28 000 unique artworks, but also paint tubes, personal letters, Edvard Munch’s travel chest, bedspread, and the wicker chair in which his sister Sophie died, have been examined, registered and carefully placed in boxes and custommade packaging. Many objects and works have also received a little extra maintenance and love along the way from our conservators. By being thorough, we ensure that all the objects will withstand the move, at the same time as we get a better overview of the collection in the new museum.

How to move a museum filled with priceless pieces of art?

>> 01: Getting it all together
>> 02: Things organized neatly
>> 03: A very special team

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