Munch’s Monsters Workshop and gallery tours for our youngest visitors.

Through a combination of workshops and gallery tours, children will enjoy a different kind of encounter with Edvard Munch’s art, an encounter centered around their own experiences.


Exhibition and workshop

Suitable for: Kindergartens.
Price: 600 NOK, for groups up to 18 persons
Duration: 45 min, calculate 1 hour including transfer
Place: Meet up in the lobby

Feelings and moods can feel unfamiliar – they can feel scary and strange – almost like monsters.
But for Munch, things that were not so easy to explain – the unfinished and the weird – were precisely the things that he found exciting and beautiful. 

In our Munch’s Monsters guided tour, we work together to find monster-like creatures in paintings.
During the workshop, children will help make body parts for the monsters growing at MUNCH in Bjørvika.
The children will post the body parts into the Monster Mailbox. Artist Fredrik Floen wil integrate them into his monster installation.