Laurel Halo pres. Atlas (w/ Leila Bourdreuil) + Bendik Giske concert

A unique double bill of loops and waves

Doors open: 19:00
Start: 20:00
18 years age limit

Smalltown Supersound x MUNCH presents: 

Bendik Giske is a saxophonist who explores the outer perimeters of music-making. Not only is he a virtuoso instrumentalist whose technical repertoire includes circular breathing. He also uses his body as part of his musical expression. On the album “Cracks” (2021), he used the motions of his body to interact with and control electronic soundscapes enveloping his saxophone playing. His interest lies in the liminal space between humans and technology, body and music. His music also expresses queer perspectives, something that is wonderfully expressed in the naked, sensual sounds of his latest, eponymous album. Here, he searches for some stripped-down essence of his music. Be prepared for an all-encompassing performance tonight! 
This evening culminates in a very special performance from Los Angeles-based Laurel Halo, as she presents music from her latest album, “Atlas”. Halo, who was born in Detroit, has made a name for herself as a fearless explorer of sound, with an oeuvre that crosses, and ventures beyond, many genres. Her singular artistic vision ties it all together. She mixes inspiration from club music, pop and ambient music with influences from contemporary art music. She has collaborated with, among many others, John Cale, and has also crossed over into other art forms with collaborations with artists like Hanne Lippard, and creating music inspired by texts by Ursula K. LeGuin. Gender fluidity is central to her music. She has performed all over the world, including Sydney’s Opera House, London’s South Bank, the Kölner Philarmonie and Montreaux Jazz Festival.  
Tonight, we will hear music from “Atlas”, an album she has called an “ambient jazz collage”. The music is partly orchestral, and includes guest spots from Bendik Giske, James Underwood, Lucy Railton and Coby Sey. This is one of a select few concerts she gives in Europe and the US. Joining her on stage is celebrated cellist Leila Bordreuil. 
In the period April-August 2024, the record label Smalltown Supersound sets sound to Edvard Munch's art through concerts, commissioned works and a separate record with the same name as the exhibition Trembling Earth. The exhibition addresses the cosmic in Munch's art, a theme that has also been important throughout Smalltown Supersound's musical history.  

Photo: Norrel Blair | Luis Alberto Rodriguez