Guided group tour Edvard Munch - Horizons

Explore the significant currents in the art of Edvard Munch's time - and experience Munch together with European and Norwegian artists

Meeting place: Lobby, at least 10 minutes before
Language: Norwegian / English (please contact us if you want the tour in English)
Duration: 45 min, calculate 1 hour including transfer. After completing the tour, you can move around freely in all exhibitions.
Group size: Up to 10, 15 or 20 persons. Groups of more than 20 must be booked into two different time slots.
Group tours must be booked at least 14 days in advance.

Tour prices: 
Up to10 people  – NOK 3500 
Up to15 people –  NOK 4250 
Up to 20 people –  NOK 5000 
Prices include entrance to all exhibitions. Members get 10 % off. 

This exhibition shows some of the important currents in art which were underway during Munch’s time as an artist, and which he also took part in. Images became increasingly abstract, and artists experimented with form and colour. Modern urban life produced feelings of disconnection and disorientation, as well as dreams of nature and a golden age. To explore these unfamiliar psychological states, artists developed distinctive individual expressions and styles.