The Shape of Freedom: Signe Emmeluth Concert

A unique experience of hearing live music while surrounded by world-class abstract art.


Exhibition on floor 3

Photo: Arild Schei

Action painting and free jazz were closely associated in the 1950s and 60s. If you visit our Shape of Freedom exhibition between 15:00 and 21:00 on 12 April, you may hear the sounds of free jazz saxophone accompanying the artworks at random intervals. 

We are giving Signe Emmeluth, one of the most celebrated Scandinavian free jazz musicians, the freedom to use the space as a sonic canvas. Visitors to the exhibition on this date can experience her spontaneous outbursts of improvised saxophone as she moves around the artworks, bringing the paintings – and the freedom impulses that created them – to life. 

Signe Emmeluth is a Danish saxophone player, composer and improviser based in Oslo. Signe has become an important part of the improvised music scene in Scandinavia with her own band Emmeluth’s Amoeba. She has collaborated with Mats Gustafsson, Kresten Osgood and Paal Nilssen-Love among others and has played in Trondheim Jazzorkester. Her style ranges from naive and playful to brutal primal screams. Freedom! Action! Now! 
This event, which is experienced within the Shape of Freedom exhibition, is free to MUNCH museum ticketholders.