Conversation: Art, history and identity politics

Bård Larsen, Ingebjørg Sofie Larsen, Mohamed Abdi and Lars Toft-Eriksen meet in a conversation moderated by Lena Lindgren.


MUNCH, Tøyen

The exhibition Call Me by My Name has inspired discussions on how to understand art and historical sources in light of the current debates about diversity, identity and racism. With this conversation, the museum will highlight these issues and put them into a larger context by connecting them to our current debate around identity politics.

Bård Larsen is a historian at Civita. He has written several articles and books on the topic of ideology, conflict, political Islam and totalitarianism.

Ingebjørg Sofie Larsen is a PhD candidate at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and the former Cultural Editor of Minerva.

Mohamed Abdi is the curator of Call Me by My Name. He is an educator and writer who has been a columnist for the newspapers Klassekampen, Morgenbladet and Dagsavisen. Abdi has a particular interest in maximizing inclusiveness in Norway’s multicultural society. 

Lars Toft-Eriksen is the curator of Call Me by My Name. He is a senior conservator at MUNCH and has a doctorate in art history with a focus on Edvard Munch. Toft-Eriksen has specialised in modernism and the 20th Century’s avant-garde, but also works with contemporary art.  

Lena Lindgren is an author and political commentator in Morgenbladet.