Meet the Artist – Admir Batlak Rámis

Experiment with textiles together with this year’s SOLO OSLO artist Admir Batlak
Portrait photo of Admir Batlak

Age: no agelimit for the event, best suited for 18-29
Workshop at MUNCH
Doors open:
11:00, meet in lobby

Event start: 12:00 
Duration: ca 120 min

In this workshop, Admir Batlak will explain how he has been working with techniques and treatments of textiles and sewing materials in his new solo exhibition at MUNCH. Batlak will talk about the exhibition and his art, and participants will get the opportunity to become better acquainted with the artist who has inspired this workshop series.

During the workshop, participants will devise their own textile experiments. Batlak will choose a selection of materials which participants can use in any way they want. No prior knowledge of sewing is needed.

Coffee, dried meat and a vegan alternative will be served. 

Admir Batlak (born 1982, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is this year’s SOLO OSLO artist. He operates in the intersection between fashion, sculpture and installation, using the iron as a key tool. Batlak lets different references and materials co-exist in his works, and in this way explores questions of taste, ideals and identity.

The workshop should be a safe space for everyone. There will be zero tolerance for discriminatory, abusive or hateful speech. Please contact one of our event managers if you experience anything you are not comfortable with. 

Thanks to Garmeres for their insight and contribution to this education project. 
This workshop is part of SOLO OSLO, a series of solo exhibitions and education projects by Oslo based artists and educators, supported by Talent Norge and Canica.