Mother! A conversation about Tracey Emin’s The Mother

4 June 2023 marks one year since Tracey Emin’s bronze sculpture The Mother was installed on the quay outside MUNCH. We commemorate her first birthday with a conversation about motherhood.
The Mother


Amfi, in the Lobby
Free entrance

Photo: Spindel Film © Munchmuseet

Doors open 13:30
Free entrance but arrive early to secure a spot

Join us to hear art historian and presenter of Norwegian art podcast Kunstpodden Cecilie Tyri Holt in conversation with art historian/critic Mona Pahle Bjerke, artist Ahmed Umar and senior curator Jon-Ove Steihaug on motherhood in art generally – and particularly in relation to Emin’s The Mother.  

Tracey Emin’s The Mother is included in Oslo Municipality’s art collection. In collaboration with Kunstpodden they have made three podcast episodes taking the sculpture as their starting point. The podcast goes deeper into the idea of motherhood in art and literature, and explores different ways of approaching The Mother with an emphasis on the judging process and connections between Emin and Munch. This collaboration will be launched at MUNCH this afternoon.   

After the talk, the City of Oslo Art Collection invites everyone to a celebration of The Mother herself.  

The conversation will be held in Norwegian.