Metteson in the Chamber of Chaos

Pop music gem Metteson appears with full band in The Chamber of Chaos

Photo: Lasse Fløde and Fredrik Floen

Leave those dry and dusty museum rules at the door and step into the wonderful world of Metteson and Fredrik Floen: The Chamber of Chaos!

Here you are invited into an immersive, imaginative museum space, plus a unique one-off Metteson concert. You'll also get to hear some of his brand new songs for the first time.  
The Chamber of Chaos is an interactive installation at MUNCH, created with and for children. The kids are given soft building blocks which they can use to create new worlds and tell stories about them. Now adults are also invited to leap into the chaos of colours, people and cushions.  
The collaboration between Metteson and Fredrik Floen goes back a long way. Floen's fantastic costumes and creative energy have been an important source of inspiration for Metteson's visual universe.   
Songwriter/singer/actor Metteson has both an eye and ear for melodrama, and likes to weave grandiose and theatrical elements into his pop songs, without losing touch with what’s heartfelt and genuine. Metteson's music is all about big emotions and big choruses, written and sung straight from the heart.