Late Night: Niilas w/ Vilde Tuv and Gabifuego Concert

Dive into Niilas’s river of sounds – it’s a concert, it’s a party, it’s a collective celebration – and you’re invited!

Photo by Christine Bouché

Doors open: 21:30
Event start: 22:00

A musical party presented as part of Late Night at MUNCH in September and the celebration of our new exhibitions SOLO OSLO: Admir Batlak and Alice Neel: Every Person is a New Universe

Niilas (aka Peder Niilas Tårnesvik) is one of Norway’s most promising young electronica producers. By drawing on childhood memories from Kåfjord and circular rhythms inspired by his Sámi heritage, Niilas weaves beats, deep bass and melancholic melodies into glittery textures of sound. This mix of sound sources, including joik, Moog synthesizers and the Iranian santoor, earned him a Spellemann prize for the album Also This Will Change (2020).

Tonight he is bringing along a select group of collaborators and artists to transform Festsalen into a very special and unusual performance space. Brace yourself for a concert experience where visuals, light and Niilas’s energetic, otherworldly music merge in eclectic, sweeping movements.