MUNCH exterior by night

Late Night at MUNCH

Join us on Late Night at MUNCH and celebrate the opening of the spectacular new exhibition The Shape of Freedom.



Doors open 20:30
Closing time 23:30
Age limit: 18 

Welcome to Late Night at MUNCH! There will be a bar and DJ, and all exhibitions are open until 22:30. We keep the party going at MUNCH until 23:00 and it continues at the club Jæger for the rest of the night, with free entrance for ticket holders. Please note that places are limited. 

Visuals: Karl Richard Alexandersson
Lysdesign: Peter Høie & Tara Fox
Set design: Nissen Richards studio & Tor-Björn Adelgren

First among this year's new exhibitions at MUNCH is The Shape of Freedom, with a broad presentation of abstract expressionism and with artworks from international stars such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Big, expansive, paint-splattered surfaces; spontaneous actions captured on canvas; new ideas of freedom. A story of post-war recovery and Transatlantic dialogue. The Shape of Freedom is an open invitation to abandon inhibitions and get carried away in the moment.

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