Art talk for members

Immerse yourself in the continuous journey through artistic exploration, reminiscent of Munch's search to uncover the mysteries of life. Join exciting thematic lectures with unique perspectives linked to Edvard Munch's legacy and this year's exhibitions

Doors open: 15:30
Start: 16:00

Immerse yourself in the continuous journey of artistic exploration, reminiscent of Munch's quest to uncover life's mysteries. Join us for exciting thematic lectures offering perspectives related to Edvard Munch's legacy and this year's exhibitions.

Member Art Talks present a captivating series of lectures delving into Munch's themes. Explore Munch's legacy alongside modernism and contemporary art, while experts delve into these themes and their relevance to our lives. Engage in conversations with philosophers, researchers, curators, communicators, and others as they share their expertise, offering unique perspectives within Munch's artistic realm. Discover how his art resonates and speaks to us through these thought-provoking discussions. 

Death is a part of life, yet it's often a difficult topic to confront and discuss. Munch had a close relationship with death, experiencing the loss of close family members, battling his own illness, and engaging in discussions where existential issues played a significant role. Similarly, themes of death can be found in Goya's work, shedding light on the wars, superstitions, death, and mysticism of his time.

With the exhibitions as a backdrop, we open the door for conversation. The artists explored the theme of death through a series of paintings. Perhaps this has something to teach us today? 
Join us when research leader Gustav Jørgen Pedersen at MUNCH and physician specialist in palliative medicine Christiaan Rhodius share personal experiences related to the project 'Explore life and death with Munch', which connects health and art perspectives. They will invite the participants to reflect on their own experiences, feelings and attitudes in the face of Munch's art, and perhaps this can make us more comfortable with our own finitude? 
In 2017, Dr. Gustav Jørgen Pedersen defended his doctoral thesis on Munch, Heidegger and death (UiO). He has written several articles on philosophical approaches to modern and contemporary art. Pedersen has worked as a senior advisor for R&D at Kulturtanken, was head of department at UiT Norway's Arctic University and is currently Head of Research at MUNCH. 
Christiaan Rhodius is a medical specialist in palliative medicine from the Netherlands. He has a great interest in the relationship between palliative care and society. He is the author of the book 'Omdat we leven' (Because we live) and made several podcasts. For example 'Aangekondigd einde - de kunst van het loslaten' (Announced end - the art of letting go). His latest publication is an article about death and attachment, "How attachment transformed my palliative practice" in Attachment Vol 17, no 1 (2023): 58-68. 

Photo: Ove Kvavik