In Between – Anna Berg, Kristine Tjøgersen, Gerhard Stäbler

What lies in the grey zone between instrumentals, installation, musical theatre and improvisation?

Photo: Stefanie Walk

Doors open 18:00
Event start 19:00
Duration: about 90 min

Anna Berg New Alcyone (2021) 
Rattlebelles (Ylva Bråten Rian & Nora Sjøgren, percussion) 
Kristine Tjøgersen Piano Piece (2020/21) 
Ellen Ugelvik, piano 
Gerhard Stäbler – various works  
Silje Aker Johnsen, soprano 
Victoria Johnson, violin 
Anders Kregnes Hansen, percussio

The Rattlebelles duo – Ylva Bråten Rian and Nora Sjøgren – debuted in 2022 and Anna Berg’s piece New Alcyone for vibraphone and metal cases is written for them. 

Field recordings of a pine forest and its wildlife in Tjodalyng is the inspiration for the audio material in Piano Piece. Kristine Tjøgersen has tried to recreate the sounds of insects, birds, leaves, water, creaking trees, and the human presence in the forest. The result is an artificial forest of sound. Tjøgersen is fascinated by trees, their underground communication network and secret life. Adventurous pianist Ellen Ugelvik will make use of the instrument’s insides.

Gerhard Stäbler is one of the most prominent composers of his generation. He is perhaps best known for his avant garde stage works and chamber music and in recent years has had several projects with Norwegian musicians Silje Aker Johnsen, Victoria Johnson and Anders Kregnes Hansen. 

A conceptual concert where the forest itself spreads its roots on the piano!  

PÅ! is all about the sounds of today. It’s a regular series of concerts and happenings highlighting the work of contemporary composers and performers. The series features the best musicians and ensembles playing music from a mix of well-known composers and newcomers.

The series is produced in collaboration with Therese Birkelund Ulvo and UR Productions. Supported by Komponistforeningen and Norsk Kulturråd.