Member preview: Trembling Earth

Welcome to an exclusive member preview with introduction in light of our new exhibition Trembling Earth

Our members are invited to an exclusive preview of the exhibition Trembling Earth two days before the official opening. As a member you can always bring a guest to explore all exhibitions at MUNCH.   
Edvard Munch thought of nature as ‘the eternal great realm from which art derives its sustenance.’ In this exhibition, the many and various ways in which he depicted nature are explored via eight themed rooms: ’In the Forest’, ‘Cultivated Landscape’, ‘On the Shore’, ‘Chosen Places’, ‘The Scream of Nature’, 'Storm and Snow’, ‘In a Cosmic Cycle’ and ‘Beneath the Sun’. In the final room, the exhibition culminates by reuniting 11 early versions of the visionary paintings he created for the University of Oslo’s Aula (ceremonial hall).   
With our current understanding of humanity’s relationship with nature, Munch’s vision appears more relevant than ever. In his universe, humans are not separate from nature, but instead inhabit the Earth with an equal status to everything else. At the same time, the moods and livelihoods of people in his images are inseparable from the environment which surrounds them.  
Over time, Munch developed a personal worldview in which science, human biology, Earth and cosmos were all holistically linked. The paintings, prints and drawings in this exhibition give us a whole new way of understanding Munch: an artist fascinated by humankind’s interaction with the Earth and its natural cycles. Indeed, it could be said that his way of seeing the world was entirely rooted in nature.   
The exhibition is organized in collaboration between MUNCH, The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, USA and Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany. 
Enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee in our MUNCH deli & cafe on the ground floor, with additional 10% discount on food on the member preview day.