Classic Sunday – Circus and Fireworks

Energetic chamber music by Sergei Prokofiev and Guillaume Connesson performed by musicians from the Oslo Philharmonic.

Sergej Prokofiev Quintet in G Minor Op.39
Guillaume Connesson Sextour

Violin : Mariam Maghradze
Viola : Cecilia Wilder
Bass : Danijel Petrovich
Oboe : João Miguel Silva
Clarinet : Pierre Xhonneux
Piano : Max Nyberg 

Sergei Prokofiev (1891−1953) was living in Paris in 1924 when he took on the task of writing ballet music for a touring dance troupe and their ensemble of five musicians. The action was based on circus life and given the title Trapeze. The ballet was too difficult for the troupe to perform, so Prokofiev transformed the music into a quintet for the same five instruments.

Guillaume Connesson (b. 1970) comes from the suburbs of Paris. He wrote Sextour in 1998 for his friends who are among the leading musicians in chamber music. The occasion was a New Year’s Eve concert and Connesson wanted to write music full of festivity and entertainment while also being inspired by American minimalists such as Steve Reich and John Adams.

The programme is organised in connection to the exhibition The Savage Eye.


Chamber music has been an important part of the history of MUNCH right from the start in 1963. We continue this tradition at Bjørvika through our collaborations with the Oslo Philharmonic and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Our Classic Sunday matinees present chamber music in many different formats, from the traditional classical canon to the cutting edge and experimental.