Benedicte Maurseth & Sarah Jane Summers – Máni Concert

Avant folk meets contemporary music: A magical moon-trip with Benedicte Maurseth & Sarah Jane Summers.



Photo: Øystein Haara

Doors open 18:00

Benedicte Maurseth – Hardanger fiddle 
Sarah Jane Summers – fiddle 

Máni is the debut collaboration between fiddle players Benedicte Maurseth (winner of the 2022 Nordic Music Prize) and Sarah Jane Summers. Both are known for their roots in Scottish and Norwegian folk traditions, as well as their exploratory approaches. Like many folk musicians they are inspired by other current musics, such as jazz, world music, baroque and contemporary.  
Máni – the ancient Norse word for moon – is an exploration of texture and repetition. The Hardanger fiddle’s rich tones are the central elements in a mix that recalls Celtic and Scandinavian folk dances, US minimalism and free improv. All held together by the tidal rhythms of the moon.   

Lighting design – Randiane Sandbor. The work was premiered on 9 April at Vossa Jazz festival. 

PÅ! is all about the sounds of today. It’s a regular series of concerts and happenings highlighting the work of contemporary composers and performers. The series features the best musicians and ensembles playing music from a mix of well known composers and newcomers. 

Produced in collaboration with Therese Birkelund Ulvo and UR Productions. Supported by Komponistforeningen and Norsk Kulturråd.