Artist talk about Not Yet, a performance by Bendik Giske that explores perceptions of queerness, commissioned by MUNCH.


Free entrance

Not Yet is inspired by club culture and Giske’s performance approaches the rapture and intensity of the dance floor. MUNCH’s Festsal is transformed into a sound and light reflecting arena. Giske uses the saxophone, voice, and breathing to create an artwork that investigates our approach to the future. Can the past, future, and present unite in ecstasy? Is it possible to imagine a form of universal queerness?

The converstion will be held in Norwegian. 

The event is free and open to everyone. 

Bendik Giske is an artist and saxophonist who pushes the limits of the instrument and the body, while erasing the boundaries between performance, installation, and music. Through the extensive use of circular breathing his performance pulls the audience into a highly physical experience that explores human endurance and vulnerability.

Constance Tenvik is an artist with a multi-disciplinary and immersive approach spanning sculpture, performance, textile work, costume, painting, drawing and video work with an exuberant aesthetic.