Guided tour for members: Edvard Munch Infinite

Join a unique new journey of discovery into the world of Edvard Munch’s art.


Meeting place: Lobby
05.10.2022 17:15
10.10.2022 10:30
12.10.2022 17:15
17.10.2022 10:30
19.10.2022 17:15
24.10.2022 10:30

Experience world-famous images such as The Scream and Madonna and be surprised by unfamiliar masterpieces and unexpected glimpses into Munch’s multifaceted artistic career. The exhibition Edvard Munch Infinite is designed to allow visitors to move freely between the various themes and images that Munch explored throughout his life: universal narratives of anxiety, death, love and loneliness. Munch never grew tired of exploring the possibilities of art, through painting, printmaking, drawing, photography and sculpture. 

Place: Meet up in the lobby, tour on floor 4
Duration: 45 min,1 hour including transfer
Price: 150 NOK
Tickets: Max 2 tickets per membership
Group size: Up to 15 people

Please note that you must log on to your membership account to get access to these tickets. 

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