My Munch: Maria Pasenau on Edvard Munch's photographs

Norwegian artist Maria Pasenau talks about her favourite photograph by Munch.

Maria Pasenau is a young artist who has received a lot of attention and praise for her raw and intimate photographs. She likes to take photos of herself, something she has in common with Edvard Munch. The painter experimented diligently with his camera, which he often pointed towards himself. The result sees numerous experimental «selfies» which Maria Pasenau has been fascinated by. Her favourite photograph of Edvard Munch, though, is one where he poses naked in his garden with something that looks like a sword in his hand.

There is so much energy in the photo. Young energi, that he also had when he got old. It feels like he presents a very lawless life.

Maria Pasenau

Edvard Munch: Edvard Munch nude. Collodion, 1903. Photo © Munchmuseet

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