MUNCH + Music: Cezinando meets Madonna

What happens when one of Norway’s most popular artists performs in front of one of the most famous women in the history of art? Madonna is one of the most popular and precious paintings by Edvard Munch. Just in time before packing and preparing it for the move to the new museum in Bjørvika, we let Cezinando into the closed museum at Tøyen to perform in front of the painting. And you are welcome to join.

When Edvard Munch painted Madonna in 1894, it provoked controversy. To present an undressed woman in a seemingly sexual position, and at the same time giving her what looks like a halo and the name of Jesus` mother, was considered blasphemous.

Although not as provocative today, the enigmatic picture continues to fascinate.  What kind of woman is  Munch presenting? A woman enjoying sex, or a saint? A whore, or a Madonna? Or both?

As a part of our series MUNCH + Music, we invited Cezinando to perform his song, which transaltes to «Whore and Madonna», in front of Munchs painting. Cezinando accepted.

To have the opportunity to present something I’ve made myself in relation to an iconic Munch motif, especially in interaction with the actual panting and its history, was exciting.


In the series MUNCH + Music you can experience unique performances and music inspired by Edvard Munch.