True or False? Mini Exhibition

These days pictures are shared and copied more than ever. How does this effect our relationship to the original artworks?
Edvard Munch: Summer Night. The Voice. A woman in a light coloured dress stands alone in a dark, bluish forest surrounded by long, slender tree trunks. Her head is slightly raised and she holds her arms together behind her back. In the lighter background can be seen a beach and several rowing boats at sea. The moon’s elongated reflection in the water is like a yellow exclamation mark.


Munchmuseet, Tøyen
14.01.2019 – 19.02.2019

Edvard Munch worked on the same motifs throughout his life, and often copied his own pictures. Therefore, when we talk about well known artworks such as The Scream, Madonna and Vampire we are not only talking about one original piece, but multiple. In this exhibition you will see versions of some of Munchs work, and also how other artists copied and related to his art. What is really the difference between a copy and a fake?