The Shadow of Light Mini Exhibition

Have you ever thought about how artworks may not last forever? The pictures we are displaying in this exhibition are particularly fragile and sensitive to light.
Edvard Munch, Two Girls with Blue Aprons. Oil on canvas, 1904-05. Photo © Munchmuseet


Munchmuseet, Tøyen
09.09.2019 – 27.09.2019

Just as old newspapers can crumble into fragile, yellowed fragments, in many cases the same thing happens with art. Both Edvard Munchs paintings and works on paper will deteriorate naturally with age, and exposure to light hastens the process. None of the pictures left to us by Munch will therefore last forever. Many were already fragile when they entered the Munch Museum’s collection. Perhaps ideally we should have stored them in a cold, dark environment to stop them from disintegrating. Are we right to put these artworks on display even if it means that we might someday lose them?