Loans from the Munch collection

Lending of art works supports MUNCH’s mission to increase the knowledge of our collection, reach new audience, and contribute to exhibition projects and various programs both in Norway and internationally. Our aim is further to contribute to cooperation and exchange between museums and art institutions across the world.

MUNCH greatly appreciate the interest in our collection and consider all loan requests that meet our criteria. Loan requests are assessed by the museum's Loan Committee, and decisions are made based on an interdisciplinary evaluation.


Requests for the loan of artworks must be made in writing via the postal service and addressed to the Museum's director. Requests must be sent at the latest 12 months before a planned exhibition opening. For more extensive loans the minimum deadline is 24 months before an exhibition opening. If the exhibition will be shown in more than one venue, this must be stated in the application.

In order to enable us to evaluate your application, it must contain the following documents:

  • The reason for the application
  • The planned exhibition period and title
  • A description of the exhibition concept
  • A list of the works you wish to loan (artist, title, technique, measurements, inventory number or Woll number)
  • Facilities report

Facilities report

We require that all borrowing institutions complete a standard climate and security report (facility report) and enclose it in the application. In addition, climate readings documenting the climatic conditions (temperature and relative humidity) in the exhibition room(s) over a three-month period, corresponding with the requested loan period, must also be included in the application. If the application is for an exhibition that will be exhibited in more than one venue, a facility report for each of the exhibition venue must be submitted. Applications without a facility report will not be reviewed. The borrowing institution is required to use professional staff trained to handle works of art.

If the exhibition venue does not have its own facilities report, a standard form can be downloaded here (The General Facility Report from American Alliance of Museums). Alternatively, we also accept UK Registrar Group Facility Report which can be downloaded here. If using the  UK Registrar Group Facility report both the «Facilities Report» form and the «Facilities Report : Security Supplement» must be submitted. If the Borrower wishes to exhibit the loans in a display case, then the «Facilities Report : Display Case Supplement» must also be submitted.

We only accept facility reports supplied by the above providors.


The borrowing institution will be charged an administrative loan fee. In addition, the borrowing institution will be responsible for all expenses associated with the loan, such as insurance, framing, glass mounting, conservation, the rental of transportation crates, the packing and transportation of the artworks and the fees for MUNCH's couriers and security inspections.

All necessary conservation work, framing and mounting will be invoiced. The estimated costs of preparing the works for loan will be presented after the application has been considered, and the borrowing institution must confirm that they accept the payment obligation before preparation of the loan can commence. If the loan is cancelled subsequent to signing of the loan agreement, the expenses connected to the loan will still apply.

Requests for the loan of artworks from the collection should be sent to:
Postboks 3304 Sørenga
0140 Oslo