International exhibitions and collaborations

One of the Museum's missions is to increase interest and knowledge about Edvard Munch internationally, and to make his art visible and available both physically and digitally around the world.

We experience enormous interest in Edvard Munch in the international museum world, and the Museum's art historians collaborate each year on exhibition projects with prestigious institutions abroad.

Our international exhibition strategy is the most important instrument for continuing to consolidate an interest in Munch's art, and the museum's conservation department contributes to this endeavour.

The recent years, we have contributed to these exhibition projects, amongst others : 

Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch: The Loneliness of the Soul

The Royal Academy of Arts, London
Periode: 15. november 2020 - 28. februar 2021

Edvard Munch – gesehen von Karl Ove Knausgård

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen,  Düsseldorf
Period: 12.10.2019 - 01.03.2020

Landscapes of the Soul

Ithra, Saudi-Arabia
Period: 17.06.2019 - 03.09.2019

Edvard Munch 

Tretjakov Museum, Moskva, Russland
Period: 16.04.2019 - 14.07.2019

Edvard Munch: Love and Angst

British Museum, London; Storbritannia
Period: 11.04.2019 - 21.07.2019

Munch: A Retrospective 

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
Period: 27.10.2018-20.02.2019

Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed

The Met, New York, USA
Period: 30.10.2017 – 29.01.2018

Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed

SFMoMA, San Fransisco, USA
Period: 24.06.2017– 23.09.2017 


Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Danmark
Period: 11.02.2017 – 28.05.2017

Hodler / Monet / Munch

Fondation Pierre Gianadda, Martigny, Sveits
Period: 04.02.2017 -11.06.2017

Hodler / Monet / Munch

Museum Marmottan, Paris, Frankrike
Period: 04.02.2017 -11.06.2017

Edvard Munch bis Max Beckmann

Kunst Museum Bonn, Bonn, Tyskland
Period: 20.10.2016 - 29.01.2017

Munch and Expressionism

Neue Galerie, New York, USA
Period: 18.02.2016 - 13.06.2016


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