Waves Breaking on the Rocks (1916-19)

Edvard Munch is not only known for his dramatic images of angst, jealousy, love and death. Nature was also hugely important to him.

In Munch’s landscapes, you can recognise a certain atmosphere or mood in nature. A nameless feeling – simply of nature’s existence. You might think: yes, that’s exactly what it feels like to be on the beach when the summer breeze is whipping up.

Munch lived a wandering life and lived in many different properties, including a cabin at Åsgårdstrand and a house in Hvitsten. He is especially known for his paintings of the landscape around the Oslo fjord. Again and again he painted the coastline, which became a symbolic border between the solid, familiar world and the ocean’s boundless expanse.

The coast and nature are key themes in Trembling Earth  – our forthcoming new exhibition at MUNCH, opening in April.

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