YOUNG Changemakers

In this conversation series, we focus on young people who make a difference. Through the program YOUNG CHANGEMAKERS, we invite different voices to discuss how to create change in society.
From the YOUNG opening in February 2022.



Image: From the YOUNG Opening in 2022. Photo: Michael Vera Cruz Angeles © Munchmuseet

YOUNG CHANGE MAKERS, second part. In this conversation with Assata and Zeenat Amiri Waaler, we will discuss whether bipoc youth need to take place in white art spaces or create their own. Why should one take a place where one is underrepresented? How can one, as a collective, heal different diaspora experiences in art spaces and is it even possible to create safe art spaces in Norway?

ASSATA is an activist and curated library that takes part in the global decolonization movement. Through education, community and dialogue, we will center voices that have historically been excluded and contribute to solidarity in the fight for social justice.

Zeenat Amiri Waaler is an art historian and art mediator living in Oslo. She focuses on making art and the art space harmless to the public who may experience the institutions as inaccessible, as well as making art accessible through an inclusive language. Her practice deals with the decolonization of art and focuses on art interpretation as a power shift from the museum to the public.