STEMMER (VOICES): Queer Futures

What do the next 50 years have in store for the queer struggle?


Sky Room

Above:: Arthur Xavier Wonder Samma (photo: Aida Mahmody), Camara Lundestad Joof (photo: Maria Gossé) and Haakon Aars (photo: private)

Doors open 16:30  
Event start 17:00 

Last year marked 50 years since sex between men was decriminalised in Norway. Despite the progress since then, the rights that were won are currently under threat again.   

What do the coming 50 years look like for the queer struggle? What victories can be achieved and what kind of backlash should we fear? What will the concepts of gender and sexuality mean in 50 years’ time – are we moving towards a more fluid future, and will we become more like each other or more diverse? And what will people think of as ‘queer’ in 2073? 

Haakon Aars and Arthur Xavier Wonder Samma in conversation with Camara Lundestad Joof. 

The conversation will be held in Norwegian and is presented in collaboration with Oslo Pride.

STEMMER (VOICES) is a platform for stimulating talks and conversations on a wide range of topics. The key ideas shaping the present moment and our future are discussed by opinion-formers and emerging thinkers. VOICES is a collaboration between MUNCH and Deloitte.