Reindeer hide and tin thread Rámis

Explore reindeer hide and tin thread as elements in duodji – traditional Sami crafts – and find out how duodji can be used to express a sense of identity and belonging

Age: no agelimit for the event, best suited for 18-29
Place: Workshop at MUNCH

Doors open: 11:00, meet in lobby
Start: 12:00
Duration: ca 4,5h

In this workshop, participants will make Sami bracelets from reindeer hide and woven tin thread. The workshop is led by instructors from Oslo Sámiid Duodji, who will tell you about the importance of actively using natural materials in duodji and the significance of wearing Sami symbols.

It’s OK for bracelets made in the workshop to be worn by people with no Sami connections. No prior knowledge or sewing skills are required to take part.

Coffee, dried meat and a vegan alternative will be served. 

Oslo Sámiid Duodji is a local society for the teaching and practice of duodji, based in Oslo. The society’s mission is to increase knowledge about duodji via seminars, talks, courses and workshops. Our instructors are also aware of the queer scene in Oslo and offer a safe space where participants can learn more about duodji in a Sami and queer context, as well as deepening their own relationship to duodji.

The workshop should be a safe space for everyone. There will be zero tolerance for discriminatory, abusive or hateful speech. Please contact one of our event managers if you experience anything you are not comfortable with.

Thanks to Garmeres for their insight and contribution to this education project. 
This workshop is part of SOLO OSLO, a series of solo exhibitions and education projects by Oslo based artists and educators, supported by Talent Norge and Canica. 

Photo: Arnhild Haagensen & Tatjana Korpus