Inside out or not Rámis

Learn about duodji, Sami language and redesign in a safe, queer space

Age: no agelimit for the event, best suited for 18-29
Doors open: 11:00, meet in lobby
: 12:00

Duration: ca 4,5h
Place: Workshop at MUNCH

Welcome to a workshop based around recycling, duodji (traditional Sami arts and crafts), Sami language, queerness and community. Anna-Stiva Svakko talks about symbols in Sami garments, belonging, and how to add a Sami touch to an item of clothing. Do we need to wear our clothes inside out in 2023, as protection or as an aggressive act?

Participants are asked to bring along an item of clothing which can be redesigned at the workshop. This can be anything such as a jacket or a shirt. No prior knowledge of sewing is necessary, but it would help.

Coffee, dried meat and a vegan alternative will be served. 

Anna-Stina Svakko (born 1967, Kiruna) lives in Porjus, in Sweden’s Sami region. She received an MA in duodji/Sami crafts in 1991 and works with traditional duodji, Sami costumes including the traditional gakti tunic, and contemporary Sami design. She led the first queer gakti-making course in the Norwegian Sami region in 2022.

The workshop should be a safe space for everyone. There will be zero tolerance for discriminatory, abusive or hateful speech. Please contact one of our event managers if you experience anything you are not comfortable with.

Thanks to Garmeres for their insight and contribution to this education project. 
This workshop is part of SOLO OSLO, a series of solo exhibitions and education projects by Oslo based artists and educators, supported by Talent Norge and Canica.