// CANCELLED // Oslo World: Lido Pimienta & Ghetto Kumbé Concert

Oslo World presents ecstatic hybrids and rebel beats.

Foto, Lido Piemento: Ada Navarro

This event is unfortunately cancelled. Ticket holders will be contacted and refunded. 

A sizzling evening of Afro-Colombian sounds presented by Oslo World festival.

There are so many layers to Canadian-Colombian singer Lido Pimienta’s identity. Her mind-bending voice and music – which embraces African and Latin American traditions – constantly confronts the powers that be, in a style that’s both defiant and sweetly nostalgic.

Her new album Miss Colombia (2020) takes her ecstatic hybridity to a new level at the intersection of electronica and cumbia. As a Canadian global-beats trailblazer, Lido has an affinity for acts like A Tribe Called Red, Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq, British-Sri Lankan rapper MIA and rap queen Cardi B. 

Colombian trio Ghetto Kumbé are Afrofuturist rebels whose ritualistic concerts are based on a powerful blend of percussion, Caribbean house beats and Afro-Colombian rhythms. The Colombian alegre drum and African djembe played by Juan Carlos ‘Chongo’ Puello and the dundun played by Andrés ‘DocKey’ Mercado intertwine, while Edgardo ‘Guajiro’ Garcés mixes electronic beats and samples. 

The band was founded in Bogotá in 2015. All three musicians hail from the Caribbean coast, and Ghetto Kumbé is inspired by different revolutionary movements all over the world. They released their first album, Ghetto Kumbé, in 2020.