Munch and the birds workshop

Join us for a day dedicated to our friends, the birds! We’ll seek them out, dress up like them - and fly around among the art!

Reserved for children aged 4-12, accompanied by one adult.
The event gives access to the exhibition area, read our tips for visiting with children.
The following cannot be taken into the exhibition halls:
Bags larger than 40 x 35 x 10 cm
Rucksacks, trolley cases and baby carriers
Liquids, sharp objects and umbrellas
Food and drink (exception: baby food and necessary medicines)

First, we’ll meet the Birdwatcher in a special performance. The guardian is a figure dressed in red, with a pointy hat, beak and suit - who flits through the museum’s galleries.

During the workshop, participants will get to make bird masks! Your only limit is your imagination: we have all sorts of colours and shapes. We’ll use a range of different materials to make the masks shine even more brightly.

The day will end with a bird parade. Here we’ll get to show off our new masks, and everyone can borrow a vest so that we can dress up as red birds. Both children and adults can dress up and take part in the parade. We’ll walk through the museum and out to the giant open-air sculpture called The Mother.