Mini MUNCH Festival

MiniMunch 2023 is this year’s children’s art festival at MUNCH!


The Munch Museum

The festival is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old.
For access to the exhibitions, please purchase an entrance ticket in addition.

14.–15. October, MUNCH is reserved for our very youngest visitors. MiniMUNCH takes children seriously as an art audience by providing them with a program full of engaging art experiences of the highest quality. The theme for this year's festival is "Munchs' garden". The festival takes you into the enchanted and mysterious garden of the imagination, where anything can happen. We invite you to workshops, interactive experiences and fascinating performances.

Program both days


Workshop hallway 14:00-17:00
Candy sculpture workshop
 by Vilde Løwenborg Blom:
A sensory workshop and this time we will make fairy trees.

Workshop 11:00-13:00 // 14:00-17:00
Vegetable workshop
by Katarina Caspersen:
In this workshop, visitors can enter a wild and wonderful garden. In this garden, fantasy vegetables, fruit and flowers grow.

Workshop hallway 11:00-13:00
Insect Workshop by Marie Cole:
A workshop where children can use their imagination and hands to create wonderful, fragile, tough and colorful insects that can live among the flowers, grass, trees and vegetables in Munch's wonderful and diverse garden.

Workshop hallway 12:00-16:00
Face painting by Yao, Maria and Iva from Lili Face Painting:
During the festival, you will meet skilled face painters who are looking forward to surprising all children with an unforgettable face painting inspired by Munch's garden and paintings. Suitable for children over 3 years.


Festsal 12:00-12:30 // Festsal 14:00-14:30 // Lobby 16:30-17:00
The Rainbow by Ray Roa Alonso in collaboration with Henrik Vibskov and Cristian Vogel:
Welcome to a wonderful, dancing installation that allows families and everyone from zero to 100 years old to experience dance, design and sound.

Lobby 11:30-12:00 // 15:00-16:00
The Tree and the Sugar Paste
 by Vilde Løwenborg Blom:
This performance is based on drop mass - a mass made from boiled sugar - as material.

Amfi 12:00-12:30 // 15:30-16:00
av Hazel Barstow:
In collaboration with the MIRAGE Film Festival, MiniMUNCH presents a live storytelling of about 30 minutes, while a extract from the film MICROCOSMOS runs in the background.

Amfi 13:00-14:30
MICROCOSMOS Filmvisning (80 min):
This film gives you a unique opportunity to be shrunk to the size of an ant and experience the world of small insects as you have never seen it before.

Festsal 11:15-11:45 // 15:00-15:30 // 16:00-16:30
Body memory
by Therese Markhus:
The remembering body. What happens to the body when you bind and close yourself off from the bad?

Lobby 13:00-13:30 // 14:30-15:00
by Carl Aquilizan:
Solo work inspired by Japanese dance theatre, where sound, costume and movement create a meditative and visually rich and poetic landscape.

A more detailed overview will be handed out upon arrival.

The theme for this year's MiniMUNCH festival is Munchs' Garden. MUNCH has given Katarina Caspersen free rein to interpret and create scenography around the museum for the festival, as well as holding the Vegetable Workshop listed above. For her MiniMUNCH visuals, a common thread for Katarina has been the repurposing and environmental awareness of materials.

Photo: Aleksander Ramsland © The Munch Museum