Member Art Talk The Savage Eye

Join us fora member art talk about The Savage Eye. Where does this title originate from? What is surrealism and symbolism? In what way were these art movements groundbreaking for their time? And what exactly is the link to Munch?



Meet senior curator Lars Toft-Eriksen in conversation with art historian and concept developer Nikita Mathias. Together they will take you on a journey through the world of surrealism and symbolism. In the first part of the conversation, you will become better acquainted with the art movements and themes of the exhibition, whose artworks explore dreams, disturbing impulses, and unbridled desires of the human mind. In the second part, the speakers address the curatorial process behind the exhibition, how it developed, and the challenges they encountered along the way. You will also learn more about the research dimension of the exhibition and how it contributes to MUNCH’s research profile. 

This event is free and exclusive for members. Remember to get your entrance tickets in addition, if you are planning to visit the exhibitions before or after the event. 

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Lars Toft-Eriksen is head of programming at MUNCH and the curator behind The Savage Eye. He has a doctorate in art history on the theme of Edvard Munchand he has researched Scandinavian surrealism.

A senior concept developer at MUNCH,  Nikita Mathias develops exhibitions as well as digital and immersive experiences for broad and diverse audiences. He is the creative leader at the MUNCH Audience Lab, a production model dedicated to developing technology-based experiences. Moreover, he contributes to the museum’s strategy development, research activities and general programming. Nikita has an academic background in art history, media studies and aesthetics. His doctoral dissertation on the visual history of natural disasters was published with Amsterdam University Press in 2020.