Portrait concert – Lene Grenager

A concert highlighting the many talents and techniques of Norwegian composer and cellist Lene Grenager.


Sky Room

Photo: Harald Solberg

Five movements for two guitars (2010) - Tomas Laukvik Nannestad and Marco Slaviero
Waning Crescent (2020) - Caroline Eidstein Dahl and Ruth Solveig Steinsland, (two recorders)
SKIN (2019) - two perc, embroidered score and video, Jennifer Torrence and Eirik Raude
Spinning Jenny (2016) - Tone Braaten and Kenneth Karlsson, (Soprano, piano)
Improvisation - Lene Grenager, cello

Lene Grenager has worked since 1995 as a cellist and a composer. As a cellist she concentrates on improvisation, mainly for the quartets SPUNK and Lemur and as a duo with Sofia Jernberg. Together with these ensembles she has toured widely in Europe and the US.

Grenager is interested in different forms of musical notation and how it affects the musicians and the resulting sound. She collaborates with performers from different traditions, which has led her to work both with carefully constructed musical scores and graphic scores. Electronica and sampling are integral to several of her works. She was awarded the Arne Nordheim composer prize in 2018. 

A part of PÅ!, a concert series focusing on contemporary composers. Our collaboration with leading musicians and ensembles brings both well-known and new performers to the stage. The series is developed in collaboration with Therese Birkelund Ulvo and UR-produksjoner, with support from Norsk Komponistforening and Arts Council Norway.