Late Night at MUNCH Summer Party

Free party with the best of Edvard Munch, DJ and Live Performance.
Late Night at MUNCH - Opening Party for The Shape of Freedom. Photo: Kilian Munch © Munchmuseet



Photo: Kilian Munch © Munchmuseet

20:00 Doors open
20:00-22:30 DJ Hubbabubbaklubb
22:30 Exhibitions close
22:30-23:30 Johnny Jewel live
Age limit 18 years
After Party: Jaeger (age limit 20)

The event is booked out, but a limited amount of extra tickets will be released at the door at 22:00 on Friday 9 June. 

Welcome to Late Night at MUNCH, with DJ, bar and all exhibitions open until 22:30. The party goes on until 23:30 and continues at the club Jaeger for the rest of the night, where there is free entry on  ticket (limited capacity).

DJ Hubbabubbablubb between 20.00 and 22.30
Johnny Jewel live between 22:30 and 23:30

Johnny Jewel:  A multimedia solo performance of music for film. Playing his iconic scores for Drive, Twin Peaks, Bronson, Lost River & more. He uses syhtesizers & samplers to create a colourful wall of sound and melody. It’s a 60-minute kaleidoscope dreamspace of improvisation that blurs ambient distraction with beat driven music 
Norway’s miscreants of pop and house music misanthropes Hubbabubbaklubb are a band, a party concept, and a DJ collective. They are a gang of friends that started experimenting with music and wielding instruments and records like weapons, they are notorious for nefarious musical activities as they inhibit the characters from their music on stage and in the booth. Since releasing their well-received 2013 single Mopedbart, they’ve been a favourite obscure reference for DJs of a balearic naturelike Bill Brewster. After a few singles they finally released their highly anticipated debut LP in 2018, Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer, followed by the remix album of the same name which established Hubbabubbaklubb as a national treasure.