Launch of fanzine + mini-fanzine workshop

Come on time to immerse yourself in an evening filled with inspiration, community, and a personal approach to art!



Suitable for agegroup 16-20
Drop-in workshop

What does art mean to you and your life? And is art just paintings in a museum, or can it also be a small booklet with big and small thoughts, illustrations, and scribbles? We invite you to the launch of a brand-new fanzine*, developed by the six Design Activists Adam, Anujan, Dilara, Elsa, Nora, and Sarah. During the launch, a small fanzine workshop will be held so that together we can discover more sides of what art can mean for young people! 
The Design Activists are a group of six youths from the old Oslo district, who have been working at MUNCH since November 2023. During weekly meetings spread over five months, they have explored what art means to themselves, the community they are part of, and the times we live in. They have experimented with different ways of writing text and creating visual expressions, as well as alternative ways to experience an exhibition. All of this process has been processed into the content of the fanzine. The work is built on values of community, fellowship, and belonging, while promoting the idea that everyone has their own place in art. 
With this, they hope to achieve a final result that inspires young people, adults, and everyone in between to immerse themselves in art - whatever that may mean!  

Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles c) Munchmuseet