Jazz at MUNCH: Kim Myhr Sympathetic Magic

The Norwegian guitar wizard delivers a beautiful and optimistic musical ritual.

Photo: Orfee Schuijt

Doors open: 19:00
Event start: 20:00

According to Myhr, Sympathetic Magic is the most personal piece of music he has ever written. The piece was written during the last months of lockdown and is a declaration of love for communal rituals and social gatherings. 

Kim Myhr and his band have been touring the world for the past few years, which led to a powerful chemistry in terms of both social and musical collaborations. This is reflected in Myhr’s more recent work, which is also inspired by a 70s Yamaha organ which he bought just before working on Sympathetic Magic. This organ took the project in new directions and ended up becoming a crucial sound element.   

Sympathetic Magic (which was relased as an LP on Hubro in 2002) transports us back to a time where the outside world was remote and mysterious and the line between reality and fantasy was blurred. Its optimistic feel reminds us that the social ecstasy we all missed during lockdown has finally come back.  

Kim Myhr – guitars and electronics 
Håvard Volden – electric guitars 
David Stackenäs – electric guitars 
Adrian Myhr – electric guitar and bass 
Anja Lauvdal – organ and synths 
Hans Hulbækmo – drums 
Michaela Antalová – drums 
Stig Gunnar Ringen – sound design 
Martin Myrvold – light design 

This concert is part of the Jazz at MUNCH series, presented in collaboration with Oslo Jazz Festival.