The Intricate and the Monumental: Concert with Jenny Hval

«Sometimes art is more real, more evil, just lonelier, just so lonely». Immerse yourself in the intricate musical universe of Jenny Hval.



Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre

Doors open 20:00
Concert starts 21:00

This evening sees the launch of Jenny Hval’s new album, Classic Objects, at MUNCH. The audience will get the opportunity to delve into what Hval describes as “a personal map”.

While making music for the new album, she became drawn to old haunts, like the empty pubs her band used to play in, public places she missed during lockdown, as well as imaginary future places -- impossible places where dreams, hallucinations, and art can arise. This is an album that sets out to explore the interplay between lightness and heaviness, which Hval defines as her own version of pop-music.

In addition to her new album, Hval will also be performing a new piece, originally created for the audio guide to the exhibition Edvard Munch Monumental,  in which some of Munch's largest paintings are displayed. Her response was The Glowing Room, a song that takes the listener on a journey through time and space and affords the audience an opportunity to experience the art in a new context.

Jenny Hval is an Oslo-based musician, composer, and writer. “Multidisciplinary” and “transgressive” are words that have often been used to describe her art, and Jenny Hval’s polyphonic artistry does in fact seamlessly weave together musical, literary, visual, and performative modes of expression.