Helle Siljeholm – artist talk

Conversation between curator Tominga O’Donnell and artist Helle Siljeholm about her ongoing art project The Mountain Body with its focus on nature as an ecological system of different, mutually dependent bodies – living and non-living.


Sky Room

For the opening of MUNCH, Helle Siljeholm has created a video installation for the screens in the museum, showing dancers and mountaineers scaling the mountains at Kolsås. Visitors can follow the climbers upwards through the building, culminating in a telescope on the museum’s top floor, pointed at the cliff-face. 

Tickets to the event are free, but please note that you also need to buy regular entrance tickets to attend. 

The conversation will be held in Norwegian. 

Helle Siljeholm is a choreographer and visual artist, based in Oslo. She holds a BA (hons.) from London Contemporary Dance School in 2003. In 2016, she graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Oslo Academy of Fine Art (KHiO). Her artistic practice involves film, installation, sculpture, choreography, and performance, and centers around the possibility of an artwork to function as a diverse, poetic, physical and social platform for alternate individual and collective imaginaries of the past, present and possible futures.

Tominga Hope O’Donnell is senior curator of contemporary art at MUNCH.

Photo: Istvan Virag