Classic Sunday: Fritz Kreisler

Kreisler – a lovable rogue.

Doors open 13:30
Event start 14:00
Duration: about 1 hour

Can fame make you fearless? Fritz Kreisler (1875–1962) was one of the most celebrated musicians of his time – but also a rip-off merchant. Uncover the secret Kreisler as musicians from the the Opera Orchestra bring 14 of his ‘fraudulent miniatures’ to MUNCH this autumn. 

A child prodigy in fin-de-siecle Vienna, Fritz Kreisler quickly established himself as a formidable violinist and composer. But for many years he was also a fraud.

Well into his career, Kreisler told the world that he had discovered a treasure trove of overlooked music written by Vivaldi, Padre Martini and Gaetano Pugnani – in addition to a host of undiscovered 19th-century composers. In reality it was his own work – a pastiche of older music. The PR stunt brought him a lot of attention, before he was exposed by a New York Times critic in 1935.

Kreisler is said to have been relatively unaffected by the revelation, and so was his audience. Tonight musicians from the Opera Orchestra play 14 of these pieces, arranged by Nils Thore Røsth (second violinist) for solo violin and string ensemble. The violinists take turns playing the solo parts. 

Nils Thore Røsth – violin 
Hannah Catherine Wilder – violin 
Benedict Wiedmann – violin 
Christopher Tun Andersen – violin 
Anna Skogman – violin 
Rangfrid Bogen – violin 
Janina Kronberger – violin 
Ai Kanda Engelaug Akutsu – viola 
Wolfgang Johannes Sykora – viola 
Jan Koop – cello 
Vojtech Novak – cello 
Patrik Wilder – double bass 

Classic Sunday offers you an enchanting selection of classical pieces from any and all historical periods, chosen and performed by musicians from the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra.