Alabaster DePlume + Sofie Birch concert

“One of the things that’s key to my practice is destroying the idea of correct.” says the poet-performer Alabaster DePlume. Experience the transgressive power of one of Bon Iver’s favourite artists

Doors open: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Age limit 18 yrs

Gus Fairbairn, also known as Alabaster DePlume, is a musician and poet known for his unique approach to art and life. He emphasizes the importance of personal vulnerability and collective politics, and he is known to give total strangers encouraging phrases like «Don’t forget you’re precious». His music, as exemplified in the double album "Gold" (2022), is characterized by circular melodies and luminous tones that convey both calmness and social awareness.

DePlume's unconventional recording methods prioritize spontaneity and community engagement. He has been known to make sure musicians don’t have enough time to rehearse the material, to ensure freshness in the performances. 
His artistic journey includes a transition from rock music («I had a rock band where nothing was in 4/4», he says) to playing the saxophone, and a decade spent helping adults with learning difficulties socialize through music. DePlume's unique name, Alabaster DePlume, was inspired by a chance encounter on the street.

His career has been shaped by his time at London's Total Refreshment Centre, where he created a vibrant music community. He has released several albums and collaborated with notable artists, all while using music as a tool for generating community and personal growth. Alabaster DePlume's work reflects a commitment to artistic individuality and a profound sense of community. His creative journey continues to evolve.

Sofie Birch is a sound artist and producer known for her extensive work with soft ambient releases, live shows, animation films and art installations. With electronic hardware and field recordings, she creates melodic compositions that are produced with a sense of brightness and spirit encouraging its listeners to dream and dwell. She has a profound interest in the healing nature of sound and vibrations and works across disciplines with other artists on expanding our understanding of mind and body through art. 

Photo: Alabaster DePlume by Niclas Weber