Bohemians - "P.A.M. 1902"

Charcoal, brush

Inventory number: MM.T.00451



Title Bohemer (NO) Bohemians - "P.A.M. 1902" (EN)
Painter Edvard Munch
Date 1905–1908
Caricatured Gunnar Heiberg
Classification Drawings
Tools/material Charcoal, brush Wove paper
Dimensions Paper: 477 × 650 × 306 mm
Inscribed We had champagne and certainly tasted it [pen, upper middle] // The real Kristiania [uncertain] of the year 1902 is a dangerous wine, which causes holes in one's stomach [pencil, left edge] // The year 1902 is an excellent year, the later cheap wine gave us holes in our stomachs [pen, lower edge]
Owner/Collection Munchmuseet
Inventory number MM.T.00451