a) Slektstreet b) Til skogs

a) Family tree b) Towards the Wood

pencil, Indian ink (pen)

Inventory number: MM.T.00387



Title a) Slektstreet b) Til skogs (NO) a) Family tree b) Towards the Wood (EN)
Painter Edvard Munch, Norwegian
Date 1890–1892
Classification Drawings
Tools/material Pencil, Indian ink (pen) Wove paper
Dimensions Paper: 386 × 289 mm
Owner/Collection Munchmuseet
Inventory number MM.T.00387
Frank Høifødt: Kunsten, kvinnen og en ladd revolver, Oslo 2010, s. 87

Bruteig, Magne, Munch. Tegneren, Oslo 2004, ill.s. 95 (a) og s. 84 (b) (English edition: Munch. Drawings)Smertens blomster: Fin de siècle-idéer i Munchs kunst, utst. kat. MM, 1999, kat. seksjon III, ill. seksjon IIIEggum, Arne, Edvard Munch: Livfrisen fra maleri til grafikk, Oslo 1990, ill. s. 150 (English edition: Edvard Munch: the Frieze of life from painting to graphic art)The Prints of Edvard Munch: mirror of his life, utst. kat. Allen Memorial Art Museum, 1983, ill. s. 136

Eggum, Arne, "Das Todesthema bei Edvard Munch" i Munch: Liebe-Angst-Tod, Bielefeld 1980, ill. s. 350

Eggum, Arne, "The Theme of Death" i Edvard Munch: Symbols and Images, utst. kat. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, 1978, ill. s. 165

Svenæus, Gösta, Im männlichen Gehirn II, Lund 1973, ill. s. 111 (omtalt s. 197-99 i bind I)
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