Arbeidere i snø

Workers in Snow


Inventory number: MM.T.00147-39


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Title Arbeidere i snø (NO) Workers in Snow (EN)
Painter Edvard Munch
Date 1909–1910
Classification Drawings
Tools/material Pencil Wove paper
Dimensions Cover: 235 × 310 mm Paper: 226 × 307 × 0,25 mm
Owner/Collection Munchmuseet
Inventory number MM.T.00147-39
Edvard Munch, l’oeil moderne, utst. kat. Centre Pompidou, 2011, ill. s. 228

Edvard Munch: Arbeiterbilder 1910-1930, utst. kat. Kunstverein Hamburg, 1978, ill. s. 67

Woll, Gerd, "Arbetarskildringar" i Edvard Munch, 1863-1944, utst. kat. Kulturhuset, Stockholm 1977, kat. nr. 106 / s. 168, 207 (English and Swedish edition).
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