I friluft

In Open Air

Oil on canvas

Inventory number: MM.M.00495

Catalogue raisonné: Woll M 237



Painted on preprimed plain weave canvas with 12 x 12 threads per cm2. There are distinct pentimenti in the middle of the painting, and X-rays reveal that a standing man was originally painted there. The work was lined in 1950, and some of the impasto area
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Title I friluft (NO) In Open Air (EN) Im Freien (DE)
Painter Edvard Munch, Norwegian
Date 1891
Classification Paintings
Material/technique Oil on canvas
Dimensions Image: 65 × 120 cm Framed: 72 × 127 cm
Signed Usignert
Owner/Collection Munchmuseet
Inventory number MM.M.00495
Edvard Munch and the Modern Soul, utst.kat. Seoul Arts Center, Seoul 2014, kat.nr. 32

Munch blir "Munch". Kunstneriske strategier 1880–1892, utst.kat. MM, Oslo 2008. (English edition: Munch becoming "Munch". Artistic Strategies 1880–1892), kat.nr. 134, ill. s. 271

Rapetti, Rodolphe, Munch et la France, utst.kat. Musée d’Orsay, Paris 1991, s. 102, 104
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