Kyss I

The Kiss I


Inventory number: MM.G.00578-02

Catalogue raisonné: Woll G 114

Schiefler nr: 102 B


This object is one of several related to the graphic motif The Kiss I

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Woodcut with gouges and fretsaw
Title Kyss I (NO) The Kiss I (EN) Der Kuss I (DE)
Painter Edvard Munch, Norwegian
Date 1897
Classification Woodcut
Material/technique Woodcut European wove paper
Dimensions Motif: 453 × 377 mm Paper: 651 × 474 mm
Markings 4 [blyant, n.t.h.] // sch 102 b // 578-1 [blyant, n.t.v.] // 102 b I [blyant, n.m] OSLO KOMMUNE MUNCHS GRAFIKK[stempel, verso, n.t.h.]
Owner/Collection Munchmuseet
Inventory number MM.G.00578-02

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