Meriem Bennani

Party on the CAPS (2018–19)

In Meriem Bennani’s fictional documentary, CAPS is a mid-Atlantic island, a diasporic transit zone for immigrants who are in the process of teleporting themselves to the USA. As told by your  crocodile guide Fiona, CAPS now houses two generations of migrants and has evolved its own infrastructure, logic, currency, food and media. The inhabitants must adapt to the island’s oppressive, limbo environment while holding on to their own traditions. 

Meriem Bennani (b. 1988 Morocco, based in New York, USA) has developed a shape-shifting practice of films, sculptures and immersive installations, questioning contemporary society and its fractured identities, gender issues and dominance of digital technologies. Mixing the language of reality TV, documentaries, phone footage, animation, and high production aesthetics, Bennani explores the potential of storytelling while amplifying reality through magical realism and humour.