Cameron MacLeod & Magnhild Øen Nordahl

Two Rocks do not Make a Duck (2022)

From the lobby of MUNCH you can look out over the Oslo fjord and the river Akerselva river. Wearing a virtual reality headset, you can see this view being transformed into an alternative reality. In this virtual fjord landscape there are no buildings or anything made by humans. By lifting rock-like sculptures, you can experience the way the scenery changes in different weather conditions, seasons and times of day.  

Where: Downstairs lobby of MUNCH, to the right hand side of reception. 

When: Opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 14:00–18:30. One person can experience the work at a time. The work is accessible on a first come, first served basis. Maximum 10 minutes per person. 

A commission for The Machine is Us

Cameron MacLeod (b. 1975 Canada, based in Bergen, Norway) invents devices intended to stimulate reflections on the relationship between technological trends and the cultural shifts they produce. He is interested in the near and distant future as well as alternative pasts. He is the inventor of Curatron, a digital tool that turns artists into anonymous co-curators of the exhibitions they are part of themselves. He is the co-founder and director of the artist-run sister organisations Platform Stockholm and Aldea.

Magnhild Øen Nordahl (b. 1985 Norge, based in Bergen, Norway) uses sculpture to examine how the complex sensory world is translated into abstract concepts. She is interested in how abstractions in science, technology and 3D modelling shapes the way we look at the world and how we build it. Together with MacLeod, she is co-founder of the artist-run space Aldea Center for Contemporary Art, Design and Technology in Bergen.

Software development and virtual environment design by Jonathan Nielssen and Jørgen Stolt Steinset 
Realised with support from:  
The City of Bergen 
Vestland County Council 
The Nordic Culture Fund