#MittRom (My own space)

Online nationwide classroom activity for lower-secondary schools.

#MittRom is an online gallery education programme. Exploring ideas about spaces and emotions, it has been especially designed for lower-secondary schools.

#MittRom will encourage pupils to explore their own feelings about particular spaces. These may be spaces they miss or spaces they are fond of, or perhaps spaces that have negative connotations.  By encountering different forms of expression and through their own artistic activities, pupils will explore how atmospheres and emotions influence our experience of a space, and how different spaces may affect our mental states.

Poet Hanna Asefaw

#mittrom (my own space)

First, an introductory video familiarizes pupils with the theme. Thereafter, pupils can choose between three forms of expression: # Mittrom forfatter (Author), #Mittrom fotograf (Photographer) and # Mittrom billedkunstner (Visual Artist). The assignments can be completed in the classroom or elsewhere in the school. Only basic equipment is needed, e.g. phone cameras and/or pencils and paper.

#MittRom is offered from 22 October 2021, when the new museum opens in Bjørvika. Contact us at booking@munchmuseet.no for more information about how to participate. 

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