Maintenance work in parts of the exhibition Edvard Munch Infinite

From 4 to 15 December and on Monday 18 December, parts of the collection exhibition on the 4th floor will be closed for necessary maintenance. During the weekend 16-17 December the exhibtion will be open as normal.

The exhibition Edvard Munch Infinite has been open to the public every single day since the opening of the new museum on 22 October 2021 (except for 1 May - Labour Day). We are now closing parts of the exhibition for necessary care and maintenance to the physical space and to the artworks.

Here is some information about what will be available:

  • The North Hall will be closed, which includes artworks by Munch such as The Dance of LifeAlpha and Omega, Madonna, The Sick Child, Bathing Young Men and The Girls on the Bridge.
  • The Scream room is located in the South hall and will be available to the public as usual. The same goes for Munch's self-portraits and the section with Puberty.
  • Group and school tours during this period will be combined with other exhibitions, either Edvard Munch Monumental or Goya and Munch.

Overview og the north and south hall

Conservation and maintenance work:

  • Conservation of artworks, including the Madonna and Bathing Young Men.
  • Painting of walls
  • New and more accessible title cards
  • New lighting design

From 16 December, the entire exhibition will be open again.